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4 Magaz Oil 120ml



Oil will be extracted fresh after your order

our 4 magaz oil is made from pressing 4 magaz i,e kaddu magaz,water melon magaz,melon magaz,cocumber magaz all in equal quantity in cold press regular hot pressed method 70% of natural vitamin,antioxidants and protiens are damaged by the heat while extracting oils, also they need to add water while extraction that’s why those oils does not give any health benefits. But in our cold pressed method everything retains in it that will provide you maximum benefits of 4 magaz .Moreover No bleach or chemicals have been added to this product so its an edible oil.

4 magaz oil available in stores has no all 4 magaz, some of these seeds are very costly so what they do is simply press one or two cheaper one seeds and name it 4 magaz. our 4 magaz oil has all 4 in equal quantity.

4 magaz oil is a cool oil. 4 magaz oil is great for the skin, hair and your body as this is chemicals free fresh 4 magaz oil. It has the high content of natural vitamin A,B,E,K and is rich in fatty acids, proteins and antioxidants, It is recommended not only for application on your hair and skin but also for consumption and also used in a lot of recipes and remedies. its a powerful oil to drink with great benefits


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