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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about raw organica and our products

1. What are cold pressed oils?

Oils that are extracted under low heat (below 50°) are called cold pressed oils, this method saves all the nutrients, vitamins, enzymes & antioxidants in oil and gives you maximum health and skin benefits and flavor.

The regular 🔥hot pressed method you see everywhere use heat above 100°c that destroys 70% of oils nutrients resulting damaging all the benefits in it moreover water is added in the extraction of hot pressed oil that lowers the quality and life of hot pressed oils.


2. How raw organica is different from others?

We extract oils fresh after your order.

99.9% companies selling oils are just resellers, they buy oils in bulk from suppliers and just pack it and sells you, even they don’t know their oils are 100% pure and chemicals free or not, but we extract all oils ourselves ensuring the 100% purity and freshness and absolutely chemicals/preservatives free💞


3. Are these original 100% pure and edible oils?

Our oils are 100% pure original oils and are extracted fresh, these are carefully extracted oils and are free from any preservatives or chemicals making them best for eating, cooking and others applications in skin care and hair care.

4. Why you should trust raw organica?

It all started when i ordered an oil from a reputed company for my daughter, she only took a spoon and fall ill for many days after using that fake adulterated oil,after that we started searching who can supply pure things and who is trustworthy enough then i found out that there was only one person that can be trustworthy blindly who can supply the pure thing to me and that was me to myself, so i started raw organica to give my family and your family the purest and most fresh things

5. What if you are not satisfied with our product(s)?

Your satisfaction is our prime focus and if somehow you want to exchange or return any product then you can get your money back or can exchange it easily, delivery charges applied.

6. Why your castor oil is different from the one available in market?

Our castor oil is unrefined and unbleached oil, market available are highly refined and bleached castor oils, some are even using chemicals to make it a thicker oil to give it fake thick look. avoid these kinf of fake oils and use only pure one.

7. Why your taramira oil doesn’t sting or itch on scalp like the ordinary ones?

Our taramira is cold pressed and no water is added into it while extraction, when water is added in hot pressed taramira oil during extraction it reacts with seeds and start burning the scalp. our taramira oil is water free so it will not burn the scalp and give full benefits of taramira.



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